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EPNadmin, an application for and by users

Presentation of the project

Monday 1 January 2007, by Loïc

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EPNadmin is an application which aims to manage all administrative, technical and teaching tasks for an open digital space.

The project is the result of the analysis of the needs of EPN, and is aided by facilitators and users, demonstrating the benefit of Free Software.
The application has been published under the General Public Licence (GNU/GPL2) by the town Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, France (93).
To run, it only needs a web server with PHP/Mysql, preferably LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql PHP).

Administrative management covers printing user cards, following user activities and credits, the scheduling of rooms, computers and people, as well as resources management : spaces, rooms, inventories, maintenance, loans.
As in an extranet, the services are bespoke for users, facilitators or managers.

The technical part automates websites, emails and account creation for the users, enabling them to find their preferences, preferred pages and documents on all the spaces’ computers.

The teaching component facilitate thematic organisation of workshops, the evaluation and the assessment of users’ competence and the establishment of users personalized courses according to their knowledge and projects.
The documents prepared by the facilitators can be shared with other spaces for re-use and modification.

Lastly, EPNadmin has statistical analysis of all the activities generated by the space. They are an invaluable help for workshop scheduling and understanding user knowledge and usage. They are essential to promote analysis, communication and growth of the open space.


Article translate by Marc Carlucci from an article of Loïc Dayot (chargé de mission TIC àPierrefitte-sur-Seine et membre de l’April) for "Outils et contenus pour l’accès public aux TIC : Comprendre, utiliser et promouvoir les logiciels libres" guide. Licence Creative Commons By-SA.

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